Saturday, March 08, 2008

Retro videos of group sex

by Eli Halpern

Mike "when you got off the elevator
and said see you later........ i never thought
that later would mean 'in heaven'..."

of which my mom's daily pun "no double
click Asian!" close call homes. "I live in one"
we greeted her cream pies
with steel and fire I lost almost
weight in the mayhem. thank god
is still with me
while her faith is dolphins
who mutilate porpoises. it comes
out in the wash

told a fact about German
inflection "apocryphal? sexual"
they must flex something
to make that history
as if in reply
to "bizarre vagina query" she pulls out
every red oil
who eerily heed her. mouth like that

"telethon time!" its month. we lie
down in the fire and receive
myspace profiles. it's next best
scar to battle mangles.
about our mellotron
we feed her egos I want to know
who does your
ambiguous curtain
Godspeed buddy

is usually a lack
or facing away a maid's slack
suit. she carts down into Devil Alley unisex


by Larry O. Dean

Small Siamese cat
brown with black ears
Answers to “Matilda”
Her family and sister
miss her!

Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan, during which time he won three Hopwood Awards in Creative Writing, an honor shared with fellow poets Robert Hayden, Jane Kenyon, and Frank O'Hara, among others. He is author of numerous chapbooks, including I Am Spam (2004), a series of poems “inspired” by junk email; his poetry has also been internationally anthologized. In addition to writing, he is a singer-songwriter, performing solo as well as with several pop bands, currently, The Injured Parties; he has released several critically-acclaimed CD’s, including Fables in Slang (2001) with Post Office, and Gentrification is Theft (2002) with The Me Decade. Dean was a 2004 recipient of the Hands on Stanzas Gwendolyn Brooks Award, presented by the Poetry Center of Chicago. Contact him at